Together, Our Attorneys’ Combined Strengths Make Them a Formidable Defense Team for Clients Throughout Indiana

Together, Our Attorneys’ Combined Strengths Make Them a Formidable Defense Team for Clients Throughout Indiana

Sophisticated Legal Defense Against White Collar Criminal Charges

Indiana’s business owners and white collar professionals are subject to a complex web of state and federal laws and regulations. A mistake can lead to very serious criminal charges that can threaten your freedom, clean criminal record and stature in the business community. Fortunately, no matter how dire things might seem after an arrest, you could have several options for an effective defense to preserve your rights and reach a just outcome.

Our legal team at Defend Indiana, LLC, handles a broad range of criminal defense matters, including white collar crime. We have extensive experience in this frequently technical and challenging section of criminal law and practice in both state and federal courts. Working with one of our trial lawyers can level the playing field against the power of the police, prosecution and courts, ensuring you get treated fairly and avoid an unfair prison sentence or fine.

Experience With Defending Against All White Collar Crimes

Whatever you are accused of doing, we have successfully defended cases like yours before. Among the types of white collar crimes we handle, there are:

  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Tax evasion
  • Fraud, including bank fraud, wire fraud, Medicare fraud and Ponzi schemes
  • Offering or soliciting a bribe

Finding out what really happened in a white collar case requires careful review of highly technical evidence, such as searching for deleted files on the hard drive of a computer or following the trail of bank transfers. We work with experts to uncover hidden evidence to help us establish a narrative and build a compelling defense. Our honest and straightforward advice will empower you to make smart decisions about plea negotiations. We are accomplished and experienced litigators who are always prepared to bring your case to a trial verdict rather than pressure you into accepting a poor plea deal.

Let Us Take On Your White Collar Charges

Find out more about the charges against you and how we can help you take charge of your case. Schedule a confidential case evaluation with a Defend Indiana, LLC, defense attorney by calling 855-362-4788. We have six offices throughout Indiana for your convenience.