Together, Our Attorneys’ Combined Strengths Make Them a Formidable Defense Team for Clients Throughout Indiana

Together, Our Attorneys’ Combined Strengths Make Them a Formidable Defense Team for Clients Throughout Indiana

Clearing Your Name Through Expungement

At some point, everyone makes mistakes. When those mistakes resulted in a criminal conviction, and you have paid your debt to society by completing your sentence, should you really have to live with a tarnished criminal record? You can erase your criminal charges and earn a clean slate for the next chapter of your life by obtaining an expungement.

At Defend Indiana, LLC, we understand that an expungement can help you gain the job you deserve and a home to live in, restore your gun rights, and even help you qualify for student loans. We assist clients across Indiana with their criminal defense needs, including expungement. Our lawyers are here to help you determine if you qualify for clearing your record and lead you through the petition process if you do.

Who Qualifies For an Expungement?

There are certain factors you need to meet so you can qualify for an expungement. Before you begin the petition process, you need to be sure that:

  • You are not involved in a pretrial diversion program.
  • It has been at least one year since your arrest date.
  • You have not had a conviction in the last year.
  • There are no charges pending against you.
  • You have completed any diversion program requirements.

Some crimes are ineligible for expungement, such as homicide and murder, crimes that involve deadly weapons, sex-related crimes, and human trafficking. Once you meet these qualifications, we can help you start the expungement process.

What the Process Includes

In most cases, the expungement process can take between four and six months. Once we file the petition, the prosecution attorney will be notified to give them an opportunity to contest the expungement. There will then be a hearing to review the petition, and the court will decide to either grant or reject the petition. We can represent you in court and present your strongest case for an expungement.

Your Clean Slate Starts Here

Whether you are looking to benefit from school, work and other opportunities by removing criminal charges from your record, or you are trying to restore your rights, meet with us to learn your options. We serve clients throughout Indiana and are only a phone call away. Call us at 855-362-4788 or email us here to meet with an attorney who can help you expunge your criminal record.